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Get in on the self-publishing boom and enjoy a steady stream of income for the rest of your life


The self-publishing revolution that exploded when the Kindle came to town continues to expand. A number of writers are now making a living publishing their own ebooks.

Most, however, are finding the results disappointing. Usually this comes from the lack of a coherent publishing strategy.

It’s too bad, because the right approach can greatly increase the odds that a writer will realize significant returns over the course of a lifetime.

Self Publishing Attack! you’ll get a simple yet powerful plan for creating an increasing stream of revenue publishing ebooks––and keeping it flowing for as long as you write.

This is not a technical, how-to-upload manual. Instead,
Self Publishing Attack! provides you with a strategic and businesslike program for long-term publishing success. You’ll learn:

• The single most important secret for ironclad profitability

• Step-by-step instructions for generating marketing copy

• How to think like a publisher so your ebooks are discovered in a crowded marketplace

• Insider tips for writing books that sell, both fiction and non-fiction

• How to avoid the most common design mistakes

• The keys to an effective marketing campaign

“As an author with over eighty published books, I'm always interested in learning new strategies to give my older/out-of-print titles new life. In this e-driven age, getting those books onto Kindle, Nook, and so on is critical. Kudos to James Scott Bell for giving me the tools I need to see that happen successfully!” -- Janice Hanna Thompson, author of
The Director's Cut