Fiction Attack Front Cover Only 1-26-13
How to Write Fiction That Sells Across All Channels . . .

Just what are the inner secrets of selling fiction to an ever-growing audience of readers? It’s not just the same old tips you see repeated over and over. It’s almost always a matter of specialized tools and techniques bestselling authors use––consciously or unconsciously––to break away from the slush into bestseller territory.

Whether traditionally or self published––or both––the writers doing these things in their fiction are the ones generating substantial income and happy fans.




Bestselling author and #1 bestselling writing coach James Scott Bell brings you dozens of powerhouse techniques and strategies, many of which are adapted from his popular writing posts at
The Kill Zone blog. Among the many subjects covered are:

* The 10 commandments all writers must follow.
* The What-Do-You-Want-to-Say-to-Me test.
* The cure for overstuffed dialogue.
* Must you show compassion for the bad guys?
* What makes a novel a page turner?
* How not to write your novel.
* The two things every novel needs, no matter the genre.
* The things you never, ever do in your opening pages.
* The myth of the “inciting incident.”
* How much exposition up front?
* Why “Show, Don’t Tell” might be overrated.
* The #1 secret in using First Person Point-of-View
* How to use dialogue as a weapon.
* Where to get plots.
* The secret to adding fireworks to your style.
* The answer to the flashback quagmire.
* The art of listening to the book.
* How to find the "premise" of your novel.
* How to write a novella.

And many more. PLUS, interviews with some of the best writers working today, including: Sandra Brown, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Jonathan Kellerman, Barry Eisler, Joseph Finder, Peter Straub, Stephen Coonts, Katherine Neville, Andrew Gross, Lisa Jackson, Kathy Reichs, M.J. Rose

If you’re serious about selling your fiction,
Fiction Attack! is your battle plan for breakthrough.

Praise for the writing instruction of James Scott Bell:

"I had a novel with problems I didn't know how to solve. After James Scott Bell's class, I knew the solutions. This was easily the most practical writing class I ever attended. I sold my novel using what I learned." — Darrell James, author of
Nazareth Child

"I needed advice before I tried to write a novel. The usual axiom — write what you know — wasn't helpful. So I turned to James Scott Bell. He taught me how to structure a great entrance — the equivalent of gliding down a spiral staircase in a wedding gown — and how to keep the next 400 pages from becoming as hopelessly tangled as the crumpled papers and wads of gum in my old desk. My novel sold." – Sarah Pekkanan, author of The Opposite of Me