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Sell more books and build your career by kicking these blunders to the curb!

Ever wonder why some books shoot to the top of the bestseller lists? And others that you think should, don't? It's usually a matter of mistakes that could have been avoided!

#1 bestselling writing coach James Scott Bell has analyzed thousands of manuscripts over the years, by both new and experienced writers, and noticed certain errors that keep showing up to take readers out of the fictive dream.

Now he's tackled the biggest offenders and shows you how to fix them. In
27 Fiction Writing Blunders you'll learn:

* The biggest reason readers get stuck in your opening pages...and how to unstick them
* How to avoid marshmallow dialogue
* The simple solution for low stakes
* The art of getting into and out of flashbacks
* Getting rid of the kind of characters that readers never want to see in your novel
* The biggest point-of-view gaffe and how to spot it
* How to perform liposuction on flabby scenes
* The best way to show what characters think and feel

And much more!

Plus, Bell attacks some of the blunders writers can pull on their own careers, including fear, false competition, market ignorance, and the neglected brain.