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What is the single greatest secret to a breakout writing career? What is it that every agent and editor wants to see, and every reader delights in?

It's VOICE. Everyone talks about it, yet no one seems able to define it. Voice has therefore been the most elusive aspect of the entire writing craft to teach.

Until now.

In this book, #1 bestselling writing teacher James Scott Bell reveals the true source of voice, and what any writer in any genre can do to capture it for their own work. In VOICE: The Secret Power of Great Writing you'll learn:

• An actual working definition of voice that is simple yet powerful
• Bell's original method for turning that definition into book-length voice power
• How to vary voice from genre to genre, book to book
• How to enhance voice with emotion, flow, and attitude
• How to create vivid word pictures
• Exercises to expand your voice and style
• Example after example of voice in action

Don't settle for good writing. Go for the unforgettable. The secret of voice will help you get there.